Changing step. New proposal for the analysis of Argaric societies

Published: 13/7/11

The materiality of argaric societies is significant in our research. The origin of many of our work lines arises from the thoughts about these communities and the construction of new narratives based on how different argaric societies defined, negotiate and modify their social identities through different social and ritual practices. The analysis of the so-called ideology of the "individuality", maintenance activities, commensality practices and gender and age relationships has opened new perspectives about the complexity of social relations in these societies and the causes that trigger the process of increasing social asymmetry. The continuity in the investigation of argaric groups becomes one of our fundamental lines of research.

Bronze Age site of Cerro de San Cristobal (Ogíjares, Granada)

Continuity and reuse of collective funerary spaces in Argar culture

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