Sites in "negative". Societies of VI-III millenium cal BC in Granada Basin and Guadalquivir Valley

Published: 13/7/11

One of our significant lines of research is based in the study of material culture from societies of the VI-III millennium, traditionally known as Late Neolithic and Copper Age. In particular we will focus on what can be called "sites in negative", a kind of archaeological evidence consisting of structures such as pits, holes and trenches filled with archaeological material. Although well-known in other areas of Iberian Peninsula, the documentation of this type of deposits in the Granada basin and Guadalquivir valley provides a new archaeological scenario whose analysis and interpretation is a fascinating intellectual challenge.

Currently we are working on

The neolithic site of La Loma (Illora, Granada)

The area of "Ciudad de la Justicia" in the site of Marroquíes Bajos, Jaén

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