Feminismo, Mujeres y Arqueología

Sánchez Romero, Margarita y Alarcón García, Eva (coords.)
2015. Menga. Revista de Prehistoria de Andalucía 06
Published: 23/1/16

The study of how women and men relations are created, maintained and negotiated, how female and male identities are defined and how heterosexuality and homosexuality were considered in past societies has a crucial importance due to most of the stereotypes and assumptions that justify the patriarchal society or maintain inequalities today are rooted in how we looked at these aspects in the past. Only research of excellence and committed dissemination can deconstruct these concepts and create new perspectives on women and men in the past and present. Our proposal analyzes the contributions to feminist and gender archaeology from Andalucía in recent years. The dossier compiles several papers that highlight the theoretical and methodological debates that have emerged in the development of women's studies and gender; analyze the progress of the discipline in recent years and most importantly, consider the future of this perspective.

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