Dimas Martín Socas

Published: 6/8/11

Dimas Martin-Socas is Professor of Prehistory at the Department of Prehistory, Archaeology, Anthropology and Ancient History of the Universidad de La Laguna.

Since the beginning of his career, the interest has been focused on the origins of food production and the development of the first harvesting societies at both shores of the Strait of Gibraltar and, predominantly, in the South of the Iberian Peninsula. Besides, he has participated in the investigation about the origin and consolidation of the population in the Canary Islands (Spain).

He leads, or has led, several research projects focused on the regions of Andalucía, the North of Africa or the Canary Islands and funded by different agencies belonging to the Spanish Government and the regional Councils of Andalusia and the Canary Islands.  Therefore, he has been the director or co-director of different projects involving fieldwork such as excavations and/or prospections in Almería, Málaga and Huelva (Andalusia), in Lanzarote and Fuerteventura (Canary Islands), in Spain; Lagos (Algarve), in Portugal; and, in the area of Azilah and M'zora (Tanger-Tetuan), in Morocco. Also, he has been for several years the Spanish liaison of the Hispanic-French actions taken by the Laboratoire de Géologie du Quaternaire- CNRS, located in Marseille. He has been part of different teams funded by the research plans of the Spanish Ministry of Science and Technology and other agencies like the Science, Research and Innovation Council of the regional Government of Andalusia, through the Excellence Project P06-HUM-01658, ended in 2010.

At present, he is the leader of the research project funded by the Spanish Government which is entitled “Society, Technology and craftsmanship specialization. The first harvesting societies and the social hierarchical organization in the South of the Iberian Peninsula (V-III millennium B.C.)”, to be unfolded between 2012 and 2014; co-director of the approved project PRADO (“The first Production Societies in Western Andalusia. The province of Huelva”) , which is funded by the regional Government of Andalusia.

Prof D. Martin-Socas is the co-author of several books, and research articles which have been presented in international conferences or have been published in prestigious scientific journals. Finally, he is member of various national and international research agencies related to Archaeology as well as member of the editorial board of some Spanish scientific journals.

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