Asociations and thematic groups

    • AGE. Archaeology and Gender in Europe
      The working party has as its area of concern the discussion of Gender issues in European archaeology.
    • The Society for the Study of Childhood in the Past
      SSCIP is an international, multi-disciplinary society to promote the study of childhood and children in the past. The Society’s aims are to act as an interdisciplinary forum for the discussion, dissemination and integration of ideas, information and discoveries about children and childhood in the past worldwide, from any chronological period
    • European Association of Archaeologists
      Webpage of the European Association of Archaeologists, on this site you can find details of our aims, our activities and publications, and our forthcoming conferences.
    • Spanish Association for the Research on Women’s History (AEIHM)
      The Spanish Association for the Research on Women’s History (AEIHM) was founded in June 1991. It is member of IFRWH (International Federation for Research in Women’s History). Its objectives are: coordinate the relationship between research centers of Women’s History in the Spanish Universities and IFRWH, promote studies of History of Women and Gender in Spain and project them internationally, and support research in the field of History of Women and Gender Studies.

    University departments

    Research institutes

    • Institute of Women´s Studies
    • Centro Andaluz de Arqueología Ibérica
      El Centro Andaluz de Arqueología Ibérica nace en 1998, a través de un convenio entre la Consejería de Educación y Ciencia de la Junta de Andalucía y la Universidad de Jaén. Sus objetivos se centran en la investigación, conservación, gestión y difusión de la arqueología ibérica de Andalucía, a través de equipos de investigación propios, la colaboración interdisciplinar con otros centros, la formación especializada y la organización de reuniones científicas. Tiene su sede permanente en el campus de la Universidad de Jaén.
    • Institute of Peace and Conflicts


    Archaeological sites

    Research groups


    • Megalithic sites and the World Heritage Convention
      In the framework of the World Heritage Thematic Programme, Human Evolution: Adaptations, Dispersals and Social Developments, more than 40 international experts and sites managers will convene in Malaga and Antequera, Spain, 20 to 24 September 2011, for this meeting organized by the UNESCO World Heritage Centre,  the Spanish Funds-in-Trust for World Heritage and the Ministry of Culture of the Andalusian Regional Government.
    • Memorial Siret

    Commercial archaeology